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Electric power engineering and ecology 2

Electric power engineering and ecology 2
 (Mertlová Jiřina, Noháč Karel, Noháčová Lucie)
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autor Mertlová Jiřina, Noháč Karel, Noháčová Lucie
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vydání1. české
prodáváme od10.12.2011
ISBN / EAN978-80-7300-418-7
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The paper describes borders and limitations for the isolated network operation from the communications point of view. It shows the issues especially when using wireless communication. The document is mainly focused on Smart Micro-Grid network and its island operation. It shows the potential of modern grids and also a few potential problems which are caused by the borders of current technology. There is also mentioned how the technology could be used hand in hand with the time limits of the Smart Micro-Grids network.

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  • 1. vydání - 2011 - ISBN 978-80-7300-418-7
  • 1. vydání - 2011 - ISBN 978-80-7300-420-0 (elektronická kniha ve formátu PDF)

Stručný obsah

  1. Communication limits and isolated-network operation
  2. Possible steady-state voltage stability analyses of electric power systems
  3. New trends of nuclear waste storages
  4. Short circuit capability of generator circuit breaker
  5. Influence between a construction of a light fitting and a utility factor
  6. Readiness of an electric network for the oncoming of the smart technology
  7. Electromagnetic noise of hV equipment
  8. Configuration of thin-film photovoltaic cells
  9. Model of Wind Power Plant With Asynchronous Generator In Simulink
  10. Biomass as a source and as a perspective of the renewable energetics in the world, Europe and in the Czech Republic
  11. Power Quality and Quality of Supply
  12. Entwicklung der Ausnutzung von Biomasse in Pilsen
  13. Gliding Discharges in Rotary Machine Insulation – Diagnostics, Simulation and Measurement


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    GPRS, Island Operation, Smart Micro-Grid, Wireless, Voltage stability, V-P curve, saddle-node bifurcation point, Continuous load flow analysis (CLF), Predictor/Corrector method, Generator circuit breaker, Short Circuit, Recovery voltage, Asymmetry, Generator, Smart meter, smart technology, smart grid, communication, security, Capacitive discharge, corona, electromagnetic emissions, HF noise, spark, Photovoltaic, thin-film photovoltaic cells, tandem cells, silicon, Gliding discharges, insulation, turbo generator, hydro generátor, voltage pulse, electric potential.

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